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Data Automation



Data Automation



Data Automation


Soil monitoring

Enviropro soil probes, see and understand the soil moisture at different levels in and below your root zone. Aquaflex tapes, tested proven, great for permanent installs.

Fixed Grid / Solid Set

Individual pole control, wireless, long life lithium batteries.
Ability to reduce / increase applications rates during the season as required.
Easy to install and very easy to service – maintain, reducing operating and service costs.
Control from your smart phone or laptop.

Weather station

Have your own data for exact information in your location.
Can be fed into other platforms for balance irrigation and irrigation applications.

Flow meters for all applications

Irrigation, magmeters, ultrasonic, mechanical.
Effluent flow monitoring.
Fertigation flow monitoring.

Pressure sensors

Monitor the pressure throughout your system.

Level sensors

Well and pond levels.
Grain silos and bulk tanks.

Telemetry options include radio, cellular, wifi

Our own inform mesh network provides a very costs effective solution to having multiple monitoring / control devices.
We utilise other service providers hardware as required.


Data from your devices on a secure account to view on your smart device.
Display of data in graphs and spreadsheets as requested.

Nutrient management

SWAN (Scheduling Water And Nutrients) at an operational level on farm and consolidated data to corporate / scheme level. This is fully customisable software. Set up for multiple soil types under each irrigator. Customise for each crop and root depth. Ability to allow for variance in irrigation efficiencies between systems. Scheduled irrigation plan / forecast using your local data and other forecasting information. Ask for a demo or farm visit.

Irrigation forecasting tool for balanced irrigation.

Uses your data and weather foresting to provide on farm options.

Data & Automation

See where your pivots and laterals are.
View running status and in which direction.
Turn off and on remotely from your phone (or other smart device).
Alerts for stoppages.
Cost effective hardware and ongoing costs.
OFD Farm SCADA platform can control your pumps, pivots and fixed grid (Multiple irrigation systems and devices from one control unit.
Our system can be retrofitted to most irrigators in the market today, so there are no issues if you have different hardware.


Flow meter installation verifications and reverifications.
Onfarm review of current systems and an integrated solution.


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